Our Culture

Our Culture

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest is one of the largest providers of reproductive health care in Southern California, operating 18 health centers and growing.

We are the power of Planned Parenthood.

We are Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, one of the largest and most prominent affiliates of the most iconic health care organization in the world. We are recognized for the wide array of services we provide and the outstanding education we deliver.

We are a prominent and powerful team of health experts who work relentlessly to help our communities sustain their health and well-being. We adhere to the highest standards and protocols as we collaborate and care for people, without judgment.

100 years of advocating for our mission has secured our advancement, our future and our passion for practicing health care.

We are a team you can have fun with and a powerful movement you can be part of. Together we’ll take pride in shaping the future of sexual health and reproductive rights.

For those who feel that purpose is critical to their work, this is a gift.

In This Together.

15 Reasons To Join Us

You’ll be working for the greater good
You’ll find an environment of stability and support
You’ll enjoy work-life balance
You’ll have fun
You’ll be working among subject matter experts and smart people at every level
You’ll have ongoing opportunities for training and development
You’ll find cutting-edge technology
You’ll have autonomy AND a say in what goes on
You’ll receive competitive compensation and benefits
You’ll be joining a diverse workplace
You’ll appreciate our ethics and integrity
You can be part of something big
Your work will make a difference
Our Workplace Values
Our Service Standards
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Our Workplace Values

We tend to the team

  1. We help each other grow.
  2. We consider how decisions will affect people.
  3. We invest in our teams and ourselves.
  4. We celebrate together.
  5. We practice kindness.

We Respect and Honor All People

  1. We believe everyone counts.
  2. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive environment.
  3. We value diverse opinions and experiences.
  4. We listen.
  5. We can bring our authentic selves to work.

We Jump In

  1. We take initiative.
  2. We work together as partners.
  3. We ask, “Do you need help?” and request help when we need it.
  4. We bring solutions.
  5. We embrace our “other duties as assigned."

We Try and We Learn

  1. We are flexible.
  2. We embrace new ideas.
  3. We learn from our experience, including our “fabulous flops.”
  4. We take (educated) risks.

We Care for Our Business

  1. We all do our part.
  2. We understand how our mission depends on our financial sustainability.
  3. We protect our brand.
  4. We actively seek opportunities to improve our bottom line.
  5. We foster a culture of ethical behavior.

We Return to Our Mission

  1. We base our decisions on what’s best for our mission.
  2. We remind each other why we are here.
  3. We proudly build a reproductive justice movement.
  4. We face adversity head-on.
  5. We tell inspiring stories about why our work matters.

Our Service Standards

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